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Frequently asked questions

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For whom and for what are Avita products suitable?
Where and how can I order Avita products?
How to become an Avita partner?
What are the payment and product delivery options?
I forgot my password. How do I sign in?





For whom and for what are Avita products are suitable?

How can I learn which nutritional supplements are suitable for me?

Detailed characteristics are provided with every Avita product, i.e. for whom it is intended, its composition and recommended dosages.

What are Avita products good for?

Avita products are quality nutritional supplements that efficiently help to balance shortcomings in food of people of any age. Nutritional supplements cannot replace correct food, sufficient exercise and sleep but they strengthen the immune system, supply the body with vitamins, mineral substances and trace elements required for healthy functioning of the body; they also help
the detoxification processes thanks to extracts from medicinal plants, amino acids and antioxidants.

Where and how can I order Avita products?

How can I order Avita products?

Avita products can be ordered in several ways: via telephone, fax, post, e-mail or through the e-shop (Internet). The most comfortable and fastest way is an on-line order via the Internet. An invoice will be issued for all such completed orders. Avita partners have also the ability to use the option for personal product pick up at the Avita Centre. With such purchase only cash payment or card payment is possible and a cash voucher is received as a tax document.

Where can I order Avita products?

Avita products are sold exclusively via a network of independent Avita partners. You can order in two ways.

Become an Avita partner. If you want to order Avita products you must first register with Avita International®. Every Avita partner has the ability to select from two statuses, depending on the intended form of cooperation.

Avita partner - customer
If you want to order Avita products only for you and your family and you do not want to sell them to others, register as an Avita partner - customer. You can gain the ability to purchase Avita products at membership prices (retail price is on average 25% higher than the membership price). Moreover, all your purchases shall be registered in our information system and once a bonus limit pursuant to our remuneration system arises, you will receive this bonus. You can change your status to an Avita business partner
at any time.

Avita business partner
If you want to order Avita products for you and for your family and if you are also interested in their further distribution and sale,
it is necessary to register as an Avita business partner. Apart from the 25% business margin, various levels of bonuses and other rewards can be obtained including personal appreciation, time flexibility and independence, incentives, systematic and quality education and support.

Become a customer
Your order must be placed via one of our Avita partners, who of course will always be willing to provide you with expert consultations. They will show you samples of products and they will answer all your questions regarding our products and services. And, of course, the selected goods will be delivered to you in person.

How can I, as a customer, find my Avita partner?

If you are interested in Avita products as a customer and you do not have an Avita partner, arrange a meeting here.

What should I do with ordered products if a customer refuses to accept them?

Unpacked and undamaged goods can be returned back and money will be returned via a credit note.

May I, as an Avita partner, return goods I have ordered?

As an Avita partner you can return products purchased from Avita International® or replace them with others in cases with extra-
ordinary circumstances (especially due to unfavourable family circumstances, serious health problems, long-term stay outside
the country etc.). This shall be applicable only within 30 days from the purchase date stated on the tax document. After the products are returned you will receive a credit note only for those in the original packaging and that are capable of further sale. Unpacked
and unused products shall be delivered to the following address: Avita International, a.s., Mlynské Nivy 47, 821 09 Bratislava, Slovak republic. It is impossible to return advertising objects, aids, POS materials, other printed matters etc.. The credit note shall be claimed with the next order. If the credit note has not been claimed before membership termination, it shall be paid to you in cash.

How to become an Avita partner?

What is the registration fee and when is it due?

Avita partnership is conditioned by payment of the annual maintenance fee. The annual fee is set to € 19 by Avita International®. This amount is included in the price of the Avita start package. Payment of the fee provides an Avita partner not only with the ability to purchase products at advantageous membership prices but also includes supporting marketing materials. This fee covers all expenditures for information materials, their distribution and it enables a statistical overview of the activities of all Avita partners
to be maintained.

Is it necessary to register every year?
If during a 12-month period from signature of the Avita partner acceptance application and the conclusion of the cooperation agreement the Avita partner generates turnover amounting to a minimum 50 point value, its partnership with Avita International® shall be automatically extended to an additional 12 months and this period shall be exempt from repeat payment of the annual maintenance fee. If the Avita partner failed to generate turnover amounting to a minimum 50 point value during this 12-month period, the partner will be able to activate its membership for an additional 12 months by paying the fee in the last month of valid membership. Avita International® reserves the right to approve all Avita partner acceptance applications and the conclusion
of the cooperation agreement or the retroactive approval of an Avita partner.

What is the extension fee?

If during the year you make a purchase equalling a minimum amount of a 50 point value, the advantages as an Avita partner
shall be confirmed for you for the next calendar year and no extension fee is necessary. Otherwise, the maintenance fee is set
to € 19 per year. Purchases can accumulated during the entire calendar year.

What are the requirements for becoming an Avita partner?

Everyone is welcome and may become an Avita partner. We provide you with an exceptional opportunity for starting your own business with dedication and passion as the only capital you need.

How can I start?

As a new Avita partner you will be supported by a more experienced Avita partner who shall lead you and help you. This person
will provide you will all the information required for successfully starting your business and will secure your participation in the initial seminar. Moreover, you will receive a start-up package containing all that is necessary for the beginning.

What are income possibilities?

There are two ways for you as an Avita business partner to earn money. On the one hand you order products at a reduced price
and you sell them to your customers at catalogue prices. Moreover, you may invite others to join you and thus to build a group
of sellers thereby increasing your income without limitation.

What should be the total value of my order?

The first order should contain at least one start-up package. There is a selection of 4 price levels depending on the package contents. Additional orders are not conditioned by anything. But, of course, it is up to you how much you want to acquire in the form of a retail margin and subsequently in terms of bonuses and remuneration.

How can I obtain information on my monthly performance?

Every Avita partner has the ability to obtain interim information on its results in several manners. The most transparent overview
is available nonstop on the website in the Avita partner section; moreover, you can obtain this information via telephone, in writing upon request by e-mail or in person when visiting the Avita Centre. An informative extract on current point values is available
on every delivery note on the bottom. Complete information for each month is processed and evaluated always by the 2nd to 3rd calendar day of the following month.

How much time is necessary to devote to cooperation with Avita International?

At the beginning of the cooperation it is suitable to set the time you are willing to devote to work as an Avita business partner. Experience from the field shows that a new Avita partner needs 10 to 15 hours per week. If you are willing to devote more time,
it is important to set particular goals and to learn how to achieve them within the set time. Money cannot be earned without time invested. Particular techniques can be learnt in our educational seminars.

How can I join Avita International?

You may contact any Avita partner whom you already know, or you can directly contact the headquarters of Avita International®
or you can register directly on the website here - click to register.

Is it a good opportunity to be an Avita partner?

As an Avita partner you can choose if you want to profit from your sales or save on the purchase of products for you and your family. You can also invite others to join your group and earn profits from the overall sales of the group. You can use sale of Avita products as the basis for a full-time successful career but you can also sell these products in your free time in order to earn extra money. You are welcome to choose the option you prefer.

What is contained in the Start-up package?

Avita International® is always one step ahead. During registration you can select any Avita products that suit your needs, as well as choose one of 2 Starter Pack price levels depending on the type of partnership you are interested in:

ASY START KIT valued at 19 € is designed for Avita Partners - Consumers
BUSINESS START KIT valued at 49 € is designed for Avita Partners - Business Partners

How can I learn more detailed information on this business opportunity if I do not know an Avita partner?

If you do not have a Avita partner in your surroundings and you are interested in cooperation, you can contact the Avita Centre
or the headquarters of Avita International®.

What are payment and goods delivery options?

Are the products to be paid for immediately in the Avita centre upon collection?

If you do not want to pay a transportation fee and you decide to collect the products directly in the Avita Centre, you will pay
for products upon their release in cash. It is possible to pay using a payment card.

When can I collect ordered products in the Avita centre?

Ordered products can be collected in the Avita Centre in person immediately.

How and when can I receive ordered products?

Avita International® provides for the delivery of the products to the Central European countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Austria, Romania, Slovakia) through courier company GLS. The delivery of products to the other European and world countries shall be provided for by the courier service of Slovak post office. Every Avita partner will receive each shipment of Avita products within the Slovak Republic on express terms, always within 24 hours as its dispatch from our e-Shop. For the freight pricelist, delivery terms and also the conditions of the entitlement to free transport to all world countries refer here.

I forgot my password. How can I sign in?

In the Avita partner section in the main menu click on the "Did you forget your password?" link and enter your registration number. Sign in data will be sent to your e-mail address.

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